Welcome to the Braes of Derwent Hunt. We currently meet twice per week on various days from September to early March. The Braes of Derwent, hunt within the current law of England, laying trails for our hounds to follow whilst covering various terrains across our country. We have an excellent supporter group that follow both on foot and in vehicles.

The Brae’s of Derwent Country

The country lies in Durham and Northumberland. In 1943 the old North Durham Hunt was finally dissolved and the western portion of their country was incorporated in the Braes of Derwent country. In 1939 the eastern portion of the country was given up. Since the death of Mr. L. Priestman in 1945 the Hunt has been a subscription pack. The country was originally hunted by a trencher-fed pack organised by Mr. Humble of Eltringham; records of its existence date back to the middle of the 18th century. On Mr. Humble’s death the pack became known as the Prudhoe, and about 1837 as the Prudhoe and Derwent. Some of the country was taken over by the new Slaley Hounds, which pack was broken up after a few years. The present Braes of Derwent Hunt dates from 1854, when the Slaley were given up, and the country as now constituted has existed since then.


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