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Welcome Richard Emmott  ( Master / Huntsman )and his wife Ruth to Whittonstall.


Sponsor your favourite Hound for 20 a year

Contact Andrew Waters 07950253830

 ( Purchase a picture at an additional cost, pictures kindly taken by Julia Richardson )


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Hound sponsorship :

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Enjoy an evening with friends and join us for the following nights out.


Pavilion in Iveston

Cantonese Banquet - September 2014 ( date to follow)

                                 -  February 2015 ( date to follow )



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Hunt Subscriptions

A special 1st time rate is offered for persons who have never previously taken out any form of subscription with the BDH.

This rate give a 20% reduction.

If you are interested then please contact the secretary for more information.

 Julie Ross 07772742168



The Master and Committee are keen to welcome new members and introduce them to hunting. Please feel free to approach the Secretary or Master or give them a call if you have any queries.

Secretary - Julie Ross 07772742168 

Master - Richard Emmott 01207 560789 


An interesting venture? Lewis Priestman, long time Master of the BDH was also a coach man!. Read on here..


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Braes of Derwent Archive

This is a collection, on CD-rom, of BDH memorabilia and old press cuttings from the heyday of fox hunting. Browse around the collections and re-live some great past point to points, puppy shows and other Braes events reported in the local press of the time.
Click here for more info.

  Welcome to the Braes of Derwent fox hunt. This web site will give you lots of  information about our hunt. It is the "on-line" version of BDH news plus lots more ! Please also feel free to send an e-mail for more information.




  D'ye ken John Peel  - Click here for a brief history of this famous foxhunter.

Find out what the Braes were up to in 
previous seasons (plus latest issue) -
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Step back in time ...........

   A Summary of the 1935-36 season in Britain    



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